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Enterprise Mobile Apps for Small and Medium Business

What Are Enterprise Mobile Apps?

These are mobile applications which are used in businesses. They are basically software solutions which are used by small and medium businesses and even large companies so that the team can access business data using their mobile devices.

Other than that, it can also be used in making business actions such as customer support and relations, booking, payment processing, business intelligence, and many more.

Advantages of Enterprise Mobile Apps?

1. Fast and Convenient

Obviously, the internet is the fastest and the most convenient way to communicate with other members in the business. This is the primary benefit of using an enterprise mobile app.

Another one is having a paperless business. The digital age allows us to do this by putting everything on the “cloud.” So, those bulky file cabinets and paper works will just be a far memory. With cloud-based storage, your company’s data is safer because it minimizes the risk of losing important documents.

2. Lesser Cost

An enterprise mobile app can cut the time, money, and effort spent in the business. Business functions such as sales, customer relations, accounting, and even those in the manufacturing area will be easier.

All of these can also be done paperless. This kind of business process will ultimately lead to a more efficient work with lesser cost and more revenue.

3. Reaching the Customers

The marketing field is also one of the top priorities of enterprise mobile apps. Just think about it; there are as many phones as there are people in this world.

On an average, a person checks his or her phone more than 85 times a day. Take Singapore for example. According to Internet Live Stats, in 2014, 80% of Singapore’s population used the internet and 85% of which were using their smartphones. There is a 152% mobile penetration rate in Singapore.

Just think about how significant that number is. That’s how phones dominated the marketing industry. It is easier for businesses to reach their customers specially if there is an app that will help them do so.

4. More Effective Decision Process

Collaboration between team members is very important in a business. Two heads are better than one, as they say. This principle is very applicable in the decision-making process of a business. When everyone is up-to-date with all the info and everyone can communicate as if they are all sitting in one meeting room, that would be a great way to build ideas and decide about important matters.

Do Businesses Need Enterprise Mobile Apps?

Definitely. What else can you ask for? Your business can save time, money, and effort. This is a worthy investment that will surely take your business to higher ranks. A faster and more convenient storage of documents, lesser cost for business functions, better marketing strategy, and a more effective decision making process are just some of the advantages of using enterprise mobile apps.

To find out more about developing an enterprise mobile app in Singapore, we at Codigo are your trusted partners to do so.