Services Cup

Simple, beautiful and
usable digital experiences
with one true purpose.

Think about the apps you use. Google Maps, WhatsApp, Fun Run (OK, maybe not Fun Run). They are all singular in their purpose, so people know what the app does, and why they should use it. In the same way, Codigo creates smart technology behind-the-scenes to keep the customer experience simple, beautiful and usable.

We make life better with mobile.

Marked our beginning as a humble mobile development company.
Skilled people that share a passion for mobile technology.
Mobile apps and experiences created to date.
We in-source. Our incredible and awarded team all work next to each other to create magic.
User Interface
Our team voted ‘Best Designers
in the Solar System™’
User Experience
Using research and customer insights to create innovative mobile experiences and simplify usability.
iOS Development
Native iOS Development from
M-Commerce to Rewards to
You name it,
they can do it.
Android Development
Native Android Developers who create smart tech to make mobile experiences simple and beautiful.
Website@2x Websiteshort@2x
Responsive web developers to ensure that your web enhances and partners your mobile.
Digital Marketing
Activation and advertising ideas to drive download and app education.
Backend Development
For the love of Content Management Systems, dashboards and algorithms.
Digital Experience
Augmented Reality, Oculus, iBeacon,
Projection and a host of other mobile tech to make experiences come alive.