11 Useful iOS Apps for Residents in Singapore

Smartphones have certainly changed the way we live our lives today. They have opened us to endless opportunities, especially in their ability to connect people around the world using the Internet.

Furthermore, our smartphones give us access to a wide range of applications that have made our lives so much easier.

With these apps, we’re now able to shop from the comfort of our homes and perform a wide range of activities by simply browsing through our devices. In addition, these apps have made it easier for people to adapt to a new country or city.

If you’re thinking of moving to Singapore or perhaps you’re already living here, then here’s a list of the most useful mobile apps that you should install on your mobile phone.

ComfortDelgro (Taxi Hailing App)

Singapore is a busy cosmopolitan city so it can sometimes be a challenge to hail a cab, especially during peak hours. The ComfortDelgro app is here for you.

Made by the country’s leading taxi company, this app will make hailing a cab so much easier for you. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it. This app will save you lots of time in Singapore, especially during busy hours.

It also saves you the hassle of having to negotiate with drivers who won’t be willing to take you since your destination could be out of his/her route.

Fairprice Online (Grocery Ordering App)

Singapore residents are busy individuals who don’t have the luxury of time to do grocery runs.

This is why Fairprice Online is a very useful app to install. It’s a grocery-ordering app that offers the best deals on groceries along with exclusive discounts and deals.

Here, you can shop from a wide range of products for your household needs, from fresh produce, meat, eggs, wine, baby products, toiletries, and more. You can have these items delivered right to your doorstep within a 2-hour timeslot.

McDonald’s (Dining App)

McDonald’s is the go-to fast-food restaurant for busy individuals around the world who don’t have the time to prepare and cook meals.

In Singapore, McDonald’s has its own app where people can place their orders and get their meals delivered in a few minutes, although this will also depend on the traffic situation.

The app is very user-friendly and allows you to order all the amazing offerings of the famous fast-food chain, from burgers, to fries, and more!

Dine-Inn (Dining App)

Dine Inn is an app for foodies in Singapore. It works like a community marketplace that connects food makers with food lovers.

Here, foodies can share their culinary experiences and offer home-cooked meals. Users can request for homemade meals to be cooked according to their preferences. Upon receipt of payment, the booking will immediately be confirmed.

SingPass Mobile (Security App)

SingPass Mobile is another app that every Singaporean resident must have. It gives users access to government e-services via fingerprints. Users can also log in through the app using face recognition or with a passcode for security.

Lazada (Shopping App)

If you like online shopping, then you should get the Lazada app. It has everything you need, from clothes, bags, accessories, mobile phones, household items, and a whole lot more. In fact, it sells products that you can’t find in your local store.

What’s great about Lazada is that they offer returns and warranty on some of their products, which is very important when shopping online. It works just like Amazon but is intended mainly for Singaporeans.

Grab (Taxi + Food Delivery App)

Grab is the number one ride-hailing app in Asia. But aside from helping you get a ride, it also offers several other services, such as food delivery and cashless payment.

With Grab, you can book private cars driven by a community of drivers and it also allows you to book a taxi. It offers food delivery services, where a driver will pick up the food you ordered from a restaurant and deliver it right at your doorstep for a minimal fee.

Weather@SG (Weather App)

If you want to be updated with the latest weather conditions in Singapore, then the Weather@SG is the app you need. It offers real-time weather forecasts and observations to ensure that residents are prepared for what’s about to come.

But the best feature that this app has is that it will warn you of any incoming hazards, such as heavy storms or lightning.

Carousell (2nd Hand Goods Buying App)

If you need to buy and sell second-hand items, then the Carousell app will help you with this.

Here, you can bid for second-hand products that are being sold at very affordable prices, from gadgets, fashion accessories, furniture, and more. It has pretty much everything you need. You can chat with the buyer or seller to negotiate the price and more.

SP Utilities (Power & Water Utilities App)

SP Utilities will help you manage and keep track of your utility consumption. It also allows you to compare offerings coming from different providers so you can choose the right plan that will work for you.

Drivers of electric cars can also use the app to look for high-speed charging stations, monitor transactions, etc.

ReadyToTravel (Travel App)

If you’re a travel lover, then the ReadyToTravel app is what you should install. It allows you to create a bucket list of places you want to visit and activities to do, such as swimming with the orcas and sleeping in an Igloo hotel in Alaska.

This app will serve as your itinerary planner and will make it easier for you to plan your trip and make your travel dreams come true.


Singapore is a dynamic country that’s home to millions of people who live a very busy lifestyle. You can make your everyday life in Singapore so much easier by installing the apps above.

These apps really do good work for you, whether it’s helping you to buy groceries, order food, pay bills or book a taxi.

Indeed, these apps have made it possible for Singaporeans to do things with the tap of a button without the need to leave their homes!

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