• Adrian’s name was in the credits of Marvel’s Iron Man 2.
  • AL is a Capricorn. Or at least he thinks he's one.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Atikah sounds like she's whispering most of the time.
  • Augustin loved javascript more than typescript. And he was stupid.
  • Axton has more followers than Codigo on Instagram.
  • Cassandra is a 30 year old imposter.
  • Nothing Much here
  • Chen How's beard is longer than his hair.
  • Chu wants to travel around the world without flying
  • Denise laughs at everything but Winston's jokes.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Erics enjoys looking at over a million records of transaction tables.
  • Grace can't eat spicy food.
  • Hein Htet is a fan of Coen Brothers' films and Lumineers' songs.
  • Hein Win Naing learnt his ABC with his Daddy's love.
  • Huifen don't need a chair. She is a chair.
  • Jayson eat no greens except curry leaves.
  • KyawSaw never goes to the Toilet without his phone.
  • Kyaw Su loves Java & JavaScript.
  • Kyaw Zay Moore likes beer.
  • Kyaw the monkey loves cats, food and Apple devices.
  • Min Khant plays games to relax and to disturb others at the same time.
  • Myo loves cats too.
  • Myo Thiha admires love, adores freedom and enjoys life.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Harry loves singing loudly in public toilets and stairways.
  • Titank gives up on junk food and love.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Nyi Nyi learns from the mistakes of people who took his advice.
  • Phyo’s beautiful teeth are all thanks to two years of braces.
  • PhyoKo hates durian.
  • Phyo Nandar wants to have 6 packs without working out.
  • Thiha loves to lose MMR.
  • Revee's amibition was to be a Mortician.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Saw likes her coffee black. Sometimes with milk.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Sheilar loves meat but forces herself to eat vegetables to slow ageing.
  • Sijie keeps herself slim by shaking her feet.
  • Sinyi loves listening to true crime podcasts but gets paranoid easily.
  • Soe Thiha thinks he may be a null, a void and maybe even a blackhole.
  • Terence’s first email address was insectrepellent@hotmail.com.
  • Ptut loves playing games that involve throwing.
  • Thiha loves the Kelly’s Bockwurst Sausages.
  • Thu loves all kinds of food except sweet ones unless it's Apple Strudel.
  • Nothing much here.
  • Tin Linn watches football but has never played it before.
  • Nang likes travelling, especially to beachy areas!
  • Wai Mon loves bugs!
  • Winechit falls in love if love means solving problems.
  • Winston cannot pronounce the word ‘email’.
  • Yan Lin Aung finds that boring is always the best.
  • Yan Naing  love Chinese cuisine but can't use chopstick properly.
  • Ye Wai Yan loves to build PCs and tinker with stuff both inside and out.
  • Zay Phyo loves to watch all the Zombie movies on Netflix.
  • Zhengyu never cut corners except when he is driving.
  • We’re always on the look out for passionate people.

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