Can an app reduce childhood myopia?

In Singapore, more than 50% of 9-year olds have myopia (nearsightedness). Research has indicated that controlling environmental factors can have an effect on potentially reducing the occurrence of myopia in young children.

Codigo has teamed up with the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) to create the plano® app. It allows parents to manage their children’s device use with a range of smart functions.

The app uses front-facing camera and facial recognition technology to measure the distance of the device to the child’s eyes and provide an alert if it gets too close. It also tracks time on the device and encourages outdoor activity after acceptable usage. The app also allows parents to remotely switch off their children’s devices, set scheduled device use times and set device use locations.

We've also created the plano® website and digital marketing strategies to launch the app.

Eye-to-screen distance tracking
Time on device tracking
Schedule no-device times
Set device-use locations
Remote device locking
App and browser blocking
plano® games and character personalization
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